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Massage & Bodywork Services

Integrative Massage - Combines modalities and techniques as needed to meet the healing intention of the client. Massage may be more therapeutic and include deep-tissue; may be more relaxing and restorative and include Swedish, energy work, and reflexology; may be more focused on specific areas of pain and include heat therapy, soft tissue release, tissue density restoration, acupressure, and trigger point. The client's need drives the course of treatment. 

Contemplative Massage & Bodywork - The client's spiritual, psychological, and emotional needs are considered in the scope of treatment. The session may include meditation, breathwork, relaxation response, spiritual care, emotional release, sound healing, intuitive discussion, along with modalities of Swedish massage, energy therapy, soul work, energy clearing and balancing, shiatsu, cranio-sacral work, cranial therapy, polarity therapy, aromatherapy, and/or reflexology. 

Acupressure - Shiatsu utilize finger and palm pressure on specific acupoints or meridians  to restore balance to the energy system by releasing congested areas so vital energy may flow to areas where the energy is diminished. Often is used with polarity balancing. May be selected as the intended treatment strategy or integrated with other massage or energy work modalities. 

Integrative Reflexology - combines energy work, tissue density restoration techniques, massage techniques, shiatsu, and traditional zone reflexology techniques to restore foot health and comfort. 

Stone Massage - Most often hot or cold stones are integrated in a massage treatment plan. but may be the intended treatment. Hot stone massage uses the heat of warmed stones to penetrate dense tissue to soften and release tense muscles. 

Spa Services - Detoxing feet and leg massage, improve circulation, release toxins, restore energy to tired legs and feet; Cleansing facial and cranial massage, improve lymphatic flow, cleanse and revitalize skin, bring balance and harmony in the cranial system.  


Reiki Healing Touch - Reiki means "Spiritual Energy" and the therapist relies on this Universal Life Energy Source to restore, balance, and vitalize the energy body of the client. Whether using a protocol or with intuitive, Reiki works for the client's highest good regardless of the healing crisis. The client enters into a deeply restorative state, often similar to a sleep or hypnotic state where the nervous system is effected by the incoming pure healing energy and is restored to balance. As such, the client's own self-healing mechanism is reactivated. 

Cranio-Sacral Work - This is an energy-active method of restoring balance to the cranio-sacral system using a variety of energetic touch methods through-out the body, along the spinal column, at specific points along the spine, such as the sacrum, and specifically balancing the structures of the cranium and craniosacral flow. 

Cranial Therapy - This method involves energetically and physically holding the cranium until deep energy rhythms are restored and the body is brought into a balanced harmony. 

Soul Energy Therapy - In Esoteric Philosophy and Science, the soul is the healer of form. This method may be integrated in other healing work or used specifically as the treatment of choice. It involves soul work and the use of a specific triangular alignment of psycho-spiritual centers (chakras) to produce an intended result.  

Massage, bodywork, and energy therapies may be combined to create specialty techniques such as:

Energy Massage - A combination of Reiki, craniosacral, or shiatsu with massage usually in a "sandwich" of (prone) massage -  (supine) energy work - massage or prone energy work - massage - supine massage - energy work. Because of the extensive use of both energy work and massage, a 90-minute treatment time is needed. 

Heaven & Earth - A comination of Stone massage and Swedish massage - the best of both worlds. 

Raindrop Treatment - This is an aromatherapy treatment that uses specific oils (certain oils are used for a body-healing protocol and other oils are selected specifically for an Emotional-Release protocol) on specific places on the body or in the aura.

Emotional-Release - A psycho-spiritual session using aromatherapy, energy work, and and spiritual touch to quieten the body-mind complex and allow for release of body armament and muscular tension related to feeling states. 

Investing in massage and bodywork is an investment in your health!

Holistic Massage &Bodywork Basic Rates

30 minutes - $40

45 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $60

90 minutes - $80

We accept cash, local checks, and credit cards.

Specialty Treatments

Energy Massage - $80

Heaven & Earth - $95

Energy-Active Craniosacral - $75

Raindrop Treatment - $85

Emotional Release - $85

Spa Treatments - $75


BENEFIT Plans may not be used with other promotions or discounts.

Wellness Plan - Preschedule your next appointment within a month or pre-pay your next appointment with no time limit; take $10 off regular fee.

Recovery Plan - Pre-schedule or pre-pay 4 or more weekly 30-minute sessions for $30 each (regular $40 each).

Fitness Plan - Work with your therapist to develop a treatment and payment plan to fit both your personal health and financial needs.



Sliding scale donation between $25 - $75 per hour, based on amount you are able to pay.







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